What is Plamo?


Plamo (プラモ? puramo) refers to the hobby of plastic modeling, and to the products of this hobby.

In the West, the term is most often used in reference to fantasy, anime, or manga-related objects and characters, as this type of modelling has had a proportionately larger contingency in Japan than in the US.

However, in Japan "puramo" refers to any and all hobby modeling done in plastic, including military modelling, construction from pre-molded kits, "kit-bashing," Scratch building, and to pre-assembled, fully finished models acquired for decoration or collection.


What is Plamo.NZ?


Plamo.NZ is a one man (with support from wife, friends and family) operation and was started in 2017 to help get the amazing hobby of scale modelling out into more NZ homes.


It comes about after a rough 6 months personally and the realization that all the kits I had been accumulating were not going to build themselves and with the arrival of our first child in 2017 then the funds can be better used there.


All stock listed on the site is held onsite or in a secure, dry storage unit so your item can be with you in a matter of days, rather than the weeks it may take to get kits from overseas.


For the beginner there are simple kits that require no glue or paint, kits with part counts in the teens right through to kits for the experienced builder that come along with detail-up parts like photo etch and resin.


I pride myself on a wide collection of genres, scales, manufacturers and can provide kits in any price range or for any skill level.


I want to be a place where people go to find that unusual or hard to find kit, that kit you know will be an interesting build and will be a talking point when completed.


Who is Plamo.NZ?


I have been building scale models and the accompanying collection of kits (known in the hobby as a stash), tools and supplies for many years now.

Starting while at primary school (year 6) and while there have been some breaks from the hobby it has always been a part of my life in some small way for near on 3 decades.


The hobby became more of an obsession in 2011 when there was space in the house, some disposable income, a need for a hobby that didn’t have me running around town and kept me inside where it was warm with the wife and cats.

From there the stash has grown to be in the hundreds of kits and I have made friends, contacts and discoveries that mean it can grow and grow while paying low prices.


I am a member of the local IPMS club and have been on the committee for a number of years.

I have competed locally and internationally, either attending in person or contributing to a number of Scale Modeling

forums across the world over the years and spend many hours reading hobby related publications, forums and videos on YouTube and the like.

I don't claim to know everything about the hobby or even one part of it but I will give you my honest opinions and am more than happy to help discuss options from the selection of a kit through building, painting, displaying with anyone willing to listen (which rules out the wife)


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